trust worthy diligent sales agent

My husband and I were looking for a house for 3 years off and on with the same broker — most recently, practically every Saturday for 4 months straight.  During that time we made 4 offers and actually signed contracts twice only to have each deal fall apart, losing attorney and home inspection fees in the process.  Bad luck played a part I’m sure but I also realized that in each instance our “trusted” broker, who was great at showing us homes, failed to do proper due diligence, advocate on our behalf, or lacked the negotiating skills to close the deal. At that point, I decided there was nothing that a broker could do for me that I couldn’t do myself. I scheduled my own viewings (9 in a single day) and decided to place an offer on the first home I saw. The listing agent suggested I work with Karen. Based on my past experience,  I was very hesitant to do so but, I’m glad we did. Karen was very responsive,  helpful,  and available to answer any and all questions.  She was diligent and knows the community well. She went to City Hall and the fire department on multiple occasions do to research on the home. She even suggested a local day care center and church when we moved in.  Karen didn’t help us find the house but she helped us buy the house and that’s what counts and we love it.  I’d definitely recommend her and use her again.

— Anonymous